Vocal Pet Dog Teething Stick Cleaning


Product Information

Product category: bite toys
Material: TPR

Height: 186mm
Maximum diameter: 61mm
Weight: 130g

       Introducing the "Bark-erific Bristle Brush" – the dental cleaning stick that turns tooth time into a hilarious doggy disco! This magical teething stick will have your pup's chompers shining brighter than a Hollywood smile. With its wacky bristles and tongue-tickling texture, it's like throwing a wild dance party in your dog's mouth. Watch as they boogie down while getting their pearly whites squeaky clean! This stick is the ultimate multi-tasker, combining dental hygiene and entertainment in one chew-tastic package. Get ready for some giggles and wagging tails as your furry friend enjoys their dental disco extravaganza with the Vocal Pet Dog Teething Stick Cleaning! Let the toothy fun begin!

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