Headphone type: Headphones
Wearing method: head-mounted
Headphone output source: PC
Plug diameter: 3.5mm
Plug Type: Straight Insert
Whether wireless headphones: wired headphones
With or without a microphone: Yes
Earplugs / earmuffs material: 
Headphone wire material: braided wire
Uses: game audio and video headphones, gaming headsets, computer headsets, voice headsets, ordinary headphones

Ordinary style luminous headphones:
2 3.5mm plugs + 1 USB jack for desktop computers.
After purchasing the 2-in-1 patch cord, it can be used for laptops, mobile phones, etc.
The volume adjustment button is on the body.

A: PS4 luminous headphones
1 3.5mm plug + 1 USB socket, suitable for PS4 host, Switch, Laptop, etc., can be illuminated.
After purchasing a second audio cable, you can use a desktop computer.
Remote control, adjustable microphone, adjustable volume

B: 7.1 channel USB illuminated headphones
1 USB port for desktop computers, laptops, etc., can be illuminated.
The remote control can be used to turn off the microphone, turn off the light, and adjust the volume.

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